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Comfort Evaluations, usually take about two hours and are done at the your convenience. Evaluations can be scheduled Monday through Friday, so call today to schedule your FREE Gilliam's Heating & Cooling Comfort Evaluation!

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A Comfort Consultant will provide the following:

  • A Manual J load calculation may be done to determine proper sizing for your Comfort System. This includes determining the square footage of living space, windows, doors, type of windows and doors, and also insulation values in the floor, and attic areas.
  • A Comfort Concerns survey will be done. This includes asking the homeowner questions to determine what needs or concerns they have. Examples include: Are there any hot or cold spots in the home? Does anyone in the home have allergies or asthma?
  • The Comfort Consultant can also help you determine your ROI (return on investment) and the approximate energy savings you will have by installing a new Comfort System. Many times the energy savings will be greater than the monthly investment on the new equipment!
  • Financing and payment information is provided to the homeowner. (For more information on financing please click the finance button on the menu bar.)
  • The homeowner is given information on Comfort Systems that would best fit their needs. Information about our company will also given to the homeowner.